Raine Piyãko, Vice-President of the Institute and a young Ashaninka leader, recently marked a significant milestone in his musical journey with the digital release of his debut EP, “Como um Beija Flor” (Like a Hummingbird), on April 22. The EP, a carefully composed work, showcases Raine’s talent as a poet and musician, translating the wisdom of his people into a captivating sonic experience.

“Como um Beija Flor” features a collaborative effort, bringing together voices from Raine’s generation, including Piyanko Piyãko, Rosane Puyanawa, and Eriya Luiza. The EP also includes collaborations with Brazilian artists such as Lucas Noronha, Leo Barbieri, and Max Leblanc, resulting in a vibrant fusion of artistic expression.

The EP’s release was followed by Raine’s Live Debut at the Hotel Café in Los Angeles on June 5, organized as part of Benki’s tour in the US. Subsequently, in November, Raine embarked on the Institute’s Tour in Europe, delivering captivating performances in various settings, including the FCI Conference in Monaco on Nov 21-23, where he was invited by Prince Albert and the Monaco Foundation.

The diverse and enchanting sounds of “Como um Beija Flor” resonate globally, inviting listeners to join Raine on a musical exploration through platforms like Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. The EP not only uplifts its audience but also serves as a conduit for messages from the forest, inspiring a deep love for nature and fostering a united path forward marked by joy. The harmonious collaboration that birthed this symphony has allowed Raine’s music to take flight, creating magical connections and moments of artistic resonance around the world.

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