On Sunday February 25th 2024, the Government of Acre declared a State of Emergency for 17 municipalities, including Marechal Thaumaturgo, affected by flooding of rivers and streams.

Riverside inhabitants face widespread devastation. Families do not have access to food or electricity. Their fields, a source of food and livelihood, have been completely submerged by water. Chicken and ducks have drowned. Fish ponds are flooded and the fish are lost. Approximately 20,000 people are affected, of which 2,000 have lost their homes and belongings.

The Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute has not been spared, with portions of the premises completely submerged, including our fish ponds. Fish now swim where there was once solid ground. Some of the houses are inundated, their first floors submerged, along with the communal kitchen.

It is a desperate situation for the whole community. Through this fundraising initiative, we are committed to providing the necessary support to help people rebuild their lives. Our goal is to extend a hand to those in Marechal Thaumaturgo who have been forced to leave their homes and have lost their means of survival, while also fixing the damage incurred at the Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute.

We appeal to everyone’s generosity to contribute donations and resources that will make a significant difference to the lives of this community. Together, we can encourage hope and recovery in this moment of great loss and devastation.



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