Integral well-being

The Yorenka Tasorentsi Institute is using traditional know-how to address human well-being.

The leaders of the Ashaninka tribe have had access and knowledge about an extensive diversity of plants with medicinal properties, which have been passed on through generations. Throughout his lifetime, Benki Piyãko has gained significant understanding of the traditional medicinal knowledge his grandfather passed on to him. His holistic approach to well-being combined with an extensive knowledge of the Amazon’s pharmacopeia has benefited – and continues to benefit – thousands of people from his region, other parts of Brazil and the world. Central to his healing practice stands the beverage commonly known as ayahuasca, or kamarampi in Ashaninka language. This beverage is considered sacred by innumerable indigenous Amazonian tribes. Profoundly embedded in both his distinctiveness as a traditional healer and the cultural framework of his people, ayahuasca is indispensable related to the Ashaninka history, identity and cosmology. 

“The ecosystem lives when man and nature live in harmony. Through this ecosystem, through our ties with nature and the universe, we as human beings can live. When this link is broken, sicknesses are caused. For human and spiritual well-being, we work with medicinal plants to heal, introspect and have insight on the future. We have many plants that are used for mental and physical healing. To be able to have a healthy life and face what is happening on the planet, we need to work with these plants and incorporate their energies”